Keeping Time

In a Moment of Abstraction (Bir Dalgınlık Anında) (2009 – 2020)

Fatma Çiftçi
In a Moment of Abstraction (Bir Dalgınlık Anında), 2009 – 2020
pencil on paper, illustrated by Zeycan Alkış, narrated by Nathalie Hideg

In the ongoing series, In a Moment of Abstraction (Bir Dalgınlık Anında) (2009 – 2020), Fatma Çiftçi reproduces unusual urban stories and scenes. During the pandemic Çiftçi decided to refocus on these transient stories, but expand her repertoire from stories she either witness or heard to also include stories she read in the newspapers. Çiftçi documents these stories by inviting other artists to illustrate them and by asking friends to record them as voice-over narrations. For Keeping Time Çiftçi produced two groups of stories. The first group are stories that Çiftçi witnesses, illustrated by Turkish artist Zeycan Alkış. The second group are stories that she heard from someone or read in the news and they are illustrated by Turkish artist Gül Arı. All the stories are narrated by Nathalie Hideg, an American citizen that teaches English at the Boğaziçi University in İstanbul. The layering of these second-hand accounts of Çiftçi’s own experiences turns her anecdotes into a kaleidoscope of experiences, which complicates the act of witnessing and documenting time.  

11th of April 1997, Ankara

26th of October 2017, Ortaköy

25th of February 2003, Ankara

31th of July 2018, Taksim

27th of October 2018, Sarıyer

27th of October 2018, Tbilisi

27th of October 2018, Tbilisi