Keeping Time

Third Person (Plural): Coda (2017-2020)

Third Person (Plural): Coda, 2017 – 2020, 7 mins 54 secs, colour and b&w, no sound

Third Person (Plural): Coda is the last episode of the 8-part multi-screen installation and collage film Third Person (Plural) (2017-2020). The project is based on a collection of 160 Universal newsreels and 40 US government informational films produced between 1945 to 1957, a timeline that follows the early stages of the European integration process, from the Shuman Plan to the establishment of the common market. By centering the investigation on the post-World War II moment and the influence of United States foreign policy in the formation of a ‘United’ Europe, the projects explore how imagined communities of belonging are formed – and transformed – into national and supranational imaginations.

Coda, the final episode and conclusion of Third Person (Plural), is a silent but delirious coming together of shots of women, men and children, populating the archive material.  A silent coming together that unfolds as if a confident dance towards a collective body.